Pick Me Up, Piggy!

  • Build social skills
  • Develop memory skills
  • Promote imagination and creativity

Farm animals have been present in learning, part of the educational curriculum. They are a fun subject that help children to be entertained and actively listening. Parents and educators use games centered on these animals to make their classes interesting. Board games are a good way to keep a child active and at the same time help them practice taking turns and sharing skills. Group activities and games are important part of learning process that help in the long run; games are like practice exercises for everyday social interactions. Farm themed games such as, Pick Me Up, Piggy! which is a memory board game, can be hands-on learning tool for everyone to participate. Learning to work together as a team, players compete against time instead of each other. Like many board games, Pick Me Up, Piggy! is a fun way to help children build their social skills while they learn.

A particular characteristic of Pick Me Up, Piggy! and similar games is that it encourages players imagination. Every time a farm animal is dropped off to a building in the town, the player has to come up with a story to explain why the animal has to go visit that place. Players can get creative with their stories. Parents and educators can instruct the players to do longer and detailed stories. Practicing storytelling they get to exercise their vocabulary and communication skills. Furthermore, the stories are a good way for children to remember in which building is located each farm animal. Learning about memory devices that can help them study and handle real life situations where attention to detail is important. Pick Me Up, Piggy! and other similar cooperative board games can benefit a child in other aspects of learning. Ultimately, board games help foster cognitive skills such as memory retention and problem-solving. In Pick Me Up, Piggy! and similar games, players have to remember where the pieces in the board game are. At the beginning of the game the players decide where to hide the farm animal pieces, and later remember to pick them up later. These types of memory games are a fun way for children to develop their concentration skills as well as expand their memory capacity to remember where all the animals are. It important to challenge and expand their memory skills for learning and games are a tool that everyone can enjoy. Pick Me Up, Piggy! and similar games are an activity to bring everyone closer with fun stories that help everyone learn.