Counting Bears

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Shapes and Color recognition
  • Counting and basic math

Counting can be fun activity to pass the time. It one of the first skills learned from an early age. Numbers are so important that they are imbedded in most parts of our life. A game that practice those skills is Counting Bears. It is a game preferred by parents and educators as learning tools for recognizing numbers and counting. Using animal like figurines and colored containers, it is a simple game of picking up bears and putting them in a jar. With different types of sets of Counting Bears and other animal varieties, the playing possibilities are countless. Depending on the child’s age and knowledge, Counting Bears can be used to teach how to count, and simple adding and subtracting. It can also be used to teach more advance math equations and statistics. It is more than a game; it is a visual aid for children who are just learning or struggling with math.

Counting Bear games also works on a child’s motor skills. The players need to use a tweezer like object to pick up the bears. This instrument helps to develop their fine motor skills. The player must make precise hand movements to pick up and gently place the bears in the jars. They pick the bears one by one exercising their muscles improving the fine motor skills and fostering hand-eye coordination. Also moving their hands while learning helps to assimilate better the lessons. However, you may choose to pick the figurines with your hands if the tweezer is too difficult. It still exercises the fine motor skills without the instrument.

Another benefit to these counting toys is that they come in different colors and sizes. Educators and parents can use Counting Bears and other similar games to teach color and shape recognition. Just like counting, there are many possible learning activities. For example, arrange the bears into color sections or finish the color pattern sequence; with shapes, you can draw on a paper different shapes and ask the child to place the bears on a specific shape and so on. Making playtime different each time and reinforcing their color and shape knowledge. With these types of counting toys, children are focused and enjoying themselves. It is as much of a playtime as it is a study session. Counting Bears is great way to teach toddlers in a fun environment.