Peg Number Boards

  • Associate numbers with quantities
  • Learn counting and number recognition
  • Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Foster concentration skills

Pegboards are wonderful toys that can be integrated to the classrooms or to independent study. Like many hands-on learning tools, pegboards are meant to be interactive and entertaining. Engaging children in learning, games and toys like pegboards help children to be contributing to the lesson. Pegboards and similar toys can be used to learn different subjects. Helping young children practice their, colors, shapes, letters, and numbers in a variety of fun ways. Parents and educators create the activities to assist children learn through play. Fostering children to participate and work with these games to recognize and learn their basic preschool subjects.

Pegboards are mainly used as visual aids for math. Introducing numbers and quantities to young children can sometimes be hard to understand. Peg Number Boards and other types of pegboards help children associate the written number to quantities. Children have to place a certain number of pegs next to the written number. Learning quantities and practicing number recognition. These types of toys can also be used to for counting. Allowing children to play and learn at the same time. Parents and educators can come up with different types of games to reinforce and practice numbers. Making math a fun experience that’s foundation can help further along in life.

Other benefits of math toys such as Peg Number Boards is that they keep children occupied and active. Exercising their hand-eye coordination children take out and put back the pegs in the board. Creating a specific pattern or assigning a space for a peg aids children motor skills and coordination. It is a good way to enhance a child’s fine motor skills while playing. Strengthening their finger muscles and controlling their hand movements. These skills affect their daily life activities such as writing, eating, and tying up a shoelace.

Like many hands-on learning tools, it is important that the child is focused on the activity. Peg Number Boards and other types of pegboards keep children invested in learning. While playing with the pegs to complete a number exercise or trying to recreate a shape, children are training their concentration skills. Parents and educators can instruct different challenges to do with the pegboards to increase children’s concentration. Pegboards and similar toys can open everyone imagination to the possibilities what they can do with the board. An entertaining game that fosters learning, pegboards are fun way to stimulate the mind while playing.