Plugo STEM Pack

  • Enhances math skills
  • Practice spelling and grammar
  • Develop problem solving
  • Exercise fine motor skills

It is important for young children to be fully engaged in class. Working with their hands helps them contrate and retain information however, a child interest has shifted to playing with laptops and computers. Plugo STEM Pack is one of the many toys that makes the connection between electronic and hands-on learning tools. Like many other educational toys, Plugo helps develop a child’s fine motor skills while giving fun exercises to stimulate the brain. Players build, pick, push, grab, and move the pieces of the game to complete the educational games. Enhancing their dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills. Keeping the child active and entertained.

Plugo is divided into different games that teach different subjects. First, the Math section helps children learn counting, addition, subtraction, and other basic math concepts using the Plugo Count tool. Sharpening math skills, parents and educators can integrate these toys to class as visual aids or fun exercises. Focusing on passing the games a child masters the math concept every time they level up. Moreover, learning math through games helps to put assimilate the lesson into real life situations where math is needed. A child can grasp the concepts and put them to use outside the classroom. Plus is more fun to learn math when is set into challenges.

Secondly, the English section with the Plugo Letters tool helps build a child’s vocabulary. Like many other toys designed to work on linguistic, Plugo helps children work on spelling and grammar through a series of games. Introducing the new vocabulary through visuals associating the words to the images in an entertaining way. It is important that a child learns how to correctly spell and the definition of words to build their vocabulary and be able to recognize them when reading. These types of toys require the players to spell the words arranging the letters.

Ultimately, Plugo STEM Pack and other similar toys are meant to foster cognitive skills. From problem solving to logical thinking, STEM toys exercise the mind and challenge players skills to think beyond the challenge. Players get to construct puzzles from images and explore new ways to build structures using blocks. Children benefit from this type of play since it makes the learning experience exiting and fun. Prompting their creative side and their curiosity for learning. Plugo and similar set of games makes learning accessible and enjoyable.