Evolution Board Game

  • Learn about evolution
  • Foster strategic thinking
  • Problem solving skills

A goal for using games in class is to help students learn while they have fun. Board games keep everyone engaged requiring that the players be actively participating of the activity. This is an entertaining way to learn and remember abstract concepts and complicated terminology. In science class, for example, evolution is one of the subjects that has fun themed games designed teach children huge amounts of information in a palpable way. Furthermore, the study of the evolution can be understood just like a game where the fittest survived. Imitating real life, many games copy the idea of survival of the fittest as well as teach about terms and process of evolution. Parents and educators can use these themed evolution games to make the classes interactive and entertaining. For example, Evolution is a board game that helps players create animals that can adapt to any environment and populate the everchanging ecosystem.

Whether they be predators or preys, Evolution board game and similar games teach the importance of having a plan to survive. These games foster strategic thinking as players have to create a specie that can survive the environmental changes of the planet. There are many attributes and conditions players have to think before selecting their creatures. Coming up with offensive and defensive plays. In Evolution, the players are dealt cards to help them build their animals. Taking in consideration the food supply, ecosystem conditions and the attributes of their animals they play their cards. In the end of the game, the player with the greatest number of animals alive, wins the game. Calculating changes of the habitat and analyzing other players moves, Evolutions and similar themed game are fun way to keep children’s thinking abilities agile. Having fun strategizing, they understand how and why animals and plants came to be.

Evolution and other similar themed games can be played whenever. Besides being great hands-on learning tools, they are good way to enhance other cognitive skills. Players exercise their problem- solving and logical thinking in every turn as they have to find ways to adapt and feed their animals. Also, these evolution themed games prompt players to be creative with the combination of attributes for their new species. Furthermore, Evolution and similar games can be played cooperatively, as players can help each other and share habitat space. Exercising their communication skills and building their social skills. It is a good activity to bond with others. Enjoy each other’s company. Evolution and similar board games make for memorable learning activities where children can create their own species of animals.