Jetpack Joyride

  • Foster spatial reasoning
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Boost problem solving and decision making

Learning can be sometimes like a puzzle. Gathering pieces of information, organizing them, constructing a framework until getting the bigger picture. Moreover, puzzles and puzzle play has been linked to boosting cognitive skills, especially spatial reasoning. Playing with puzzles from a young age is a fun way to develop spatial reasoning, helping children to assess and mentally transform shapes. Spatial reasoning is a fundamental skill for Math, Science and Engineering. Early puzzle play can benefit children studies and understanding of these subjects. Parents and educators can integrate puzzles games to their classes. Puzzles are fun and exciting and there are many ways to play puzzles as a group exercise. Jetpack Joyride is one of many competitive puzzle games that can be played at any time to bring everyone together and exercise spatial reasoning.

Jetpack Joyride and similar puzzle games are entertaining and keep players engaged. They require players to move quickly to build their puzzles before other players. Jetpack Joyride and other competitive puzzles are designed to be real time puzzles just like video game puzzles. Players assemble a pathway using transparent track tiles shaped like pentominoes, similar to the ones in Tetris, to avoid obstacles and gather gadgets and coins. The quickness of creating tracks helps players exercise their fine motor skills. Children can enhance their hand-eye coordination as they pick the track tiles from a pile and place them on the board. Moving and turning the pieces around to fit the different lab sections in the board. Enhancing dexterity while having fun.

Puzzle play is an activity that changes the mood from boredom to fun time. Stimulating the mind with challenges and competitive play. Besides exercising the mind and fine motor skills, the level of difficulty of real time competitive puzzling requires players to be creative problem solvers and decisive in their plays. Fostering problem solving and decision-making skills. It is a good way for children deal with time management when solving real life problems. Making their thinking skills agile and sharp. Jetpack Joyride and similar puzzles are a fun way for everyone to work and come together to test their abilities. Following the instructions of their individual card challenges, each player focus on their lab section. Solving their puzzle before other players. Jetpack Joyride and similar puzzle games encapsulate learning through playing.