National Geographic Balance Stepping Stones

  • Foster balance and coordination
  • Develop motor skills
  • Enhance visual perception
  • Practice concentration

Taking their first steps children are always moving forward as they grow and learn. In early learning, exercising fine and gross motor skills is a fundamental part to the learning process. It is proven that physical activity helps children do better in school. Developing their motor skills alongside cognitive skills. An activity that helps train the body is balancing on Stepping Stones. Promoting physical activity Stepping Stones are great toys for early learning that fosters gross motor skills. Parents and educators can create fun games with the Stepping Stones to help children practice their gross motor skills while they learn. Using their imagination, children can picture that the floor is lava or that they are in space and the Stepping Stones are asteroids, or any other scenarios. Helping develop their gross motor skills with some creativity children can have a healthy dose of physical activity.

Stepping stones and similar toys work the entire body. They are great way to improve balance and coordination since the players are a few inches above the ground. Children learn to control their body movements and build their core strength, so they do not fall off the stone. Players step or jump from one stone to the other. Each time they move requires the player to adjust their posture to maintain their balance. Enhancing their physical skills. It is important for young children to work on their balance and coordination as it reduces the chances of them falling down or having accidents when doing normal activities like walking up and down the stairs and running. Furthermore, Stepping Stones games and similar playground activities help children develop visual perception skills and motor planning. It is an entertaining activity to release some energy.

There are many sets of Stepping Stones for children to play with inside or outside such as National Geographic Balance Stepping Stones. They don’t require much space and can be played anytime. Besides Stepping Stones and similar toys being a good physical activity, they also exercise the mind. Children practice their concentration skills while playing with these types of toys. They need to focus on the trail to plan their movements to pass the course. Also, practicing problem solving the players think about how far the stones are from each other. Keeping a child’s mind as they play. Stepping Stones and similar toys are versatile tools for everyone to be active and have fun.