Taboo Kids vs. Parents Family Board Game

  • Exercises memory
  • Help build vocabulary
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Stress relief and social skills

Throughout the years board games have been used as unconventional learning tools. In a study published in the AM J Phycol presented how the game Taboo exercises the working memory. Taboo and other similar board games are a great way to train their memory capacity and other cognitive skills that help people learn. Children can benefit from these types of games by remembering old memories or words to use as clues for the taboo word. Helping speed their thinking process and expand their attention span.

Also, Taboo and other similar board games a great way to learn new words and expand the vocabulary. There are many child friendly versions of the game such as Taboo Kids Vs. Parents which help the players build their vocabulary. Both the speaker and the guesser are acquiring new words and reinforce their own lexicon as well. Parents and educators can come up with their own versions of the game to apply to a lesson or a class subject. Board games such as Taboo are group activities that require everyone’s participation keeping children engage and active listening helping them to learn.

Another benefit from board games such as Taboo is that they tackle the problem-solving skills. The player holding the taboo card has to come up with creative ways to give clues to their team. They also have to be very attentive to the other players answers and careful to not use any of the taboo words. While the speaker is multitasking, the other players are using their reasoning and logical skills to solve the clue. Every player is actively thinking of the solution for the card before the times runs out. Children learn to listen and organize their thoughts to come up solutions to challenges.

Finally, Taboo and its many versions such as Taboo Kids Vs. Parents as well as other similar games are a good way to destress and relax. Board games are fun for a reason, they disrupt the normal routine with entertaining mind exercises that bring joy and maybe a few laughs. Furthermore, Taboo and other games alike bring everyone together helping children develop their social skills. As the child plays, they get the opportunity to interact with others and learn through observation how to behave and take turns. Taboo and similar board games not only help enhance the memory capacity but also it creates treasurable memories.