Benefits Of Talking Microscope

  • Engages problem solving skills
  • Encourages perception
  • Promotes cognitive practice
  • Practices memory

The Talking Microscope is a great way to introduce animals and greenery from around the world to children at a young age. It encourages improvement in problem solving skills while engaging in perception, cognitive practice, and memorization.

Flora and fauna can be fun for children in countless ways, showing them interesting and new creatures that they have never seen before. The Talking Microscope provides dozens of slides that demonstrate all of this, engaging children into practicing perception, observing each slide, and memorizing them little by little. The speaking aspect of the microscope helps them learn more about each designated slide as well, making the learning process more fun. After learning about the facts that the flora and fauna contain, there are a set of questions that comes with the Talking Microscope that can put children’s knowledge to the test. This engages heavily in their memorization skills as well as their cognitive practice through observing each creature or flower.

It is common that most children are intimidated by new animals when presented to them at first either in a real-life scenario or even at the zoo. Demonstrating them with the microscope with facts can make this process easier and less overwhelming as well. It is important to understand and care about animals from around the world and having children interested in them at an early age can also create healthy habits with pets and animals. They overcome the fear of something new while gaining responsibility to appreciate and take care of an animal that faces their way.