Digging’ Dino Bones

  • Learn about dinosaurs
  • Work on teamwork
  • Enhance memory skills and thinking skills

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures to the curious mind. Many children like these prehistoric animals, therefor they are great hands-on learning tools to captivate a child’s attention. Parents and educators use dinosaur toys and games to engage children in learning. There are many activities and games adults can do with their kids to keep class fun and active. Dinosaur themed games are a fun way to learn about numbers, colors, letters, and many other subjects. Also, dinosaurs are good introduction to science and history classes. They help build vocabulary and scientific thinking. Diggin’ Dino Bones is one of these games that teaches about paleontology and dinosaurs. Like many dinosaur themed games, Diggin’ Dino Bones explores how dinosaur fossils are found and the terms associated with paleontology. Having fun engaging in a pretend digging exhibition.

Diggin’ Dino Bones and other themed dinosaur games are a fun way to bring everyone together. Parents and educators use these types of games as group exercises for children to learn to work together, share, and listen to one another. Furthermore, Diggin’ Dino Bones and similar games have an element of strategy where players can choose to work together and help each other by trading dinosaur bones. Each player starts the game with a specific dinosaur bone they need to collect but throughout they might get other players bones. Practicing their communication skills, players can ask each other if they have their missing puzzle pieces. Building their social skills children learn to take turns and to win and lose gracefully. These types of games are fun way to observe and interact with other people. Acquiring experience for the real world.

Most importantly, dinosaur themed games and activities stimulate the mind. Players not only learn about dinosaurs, but also develop cognitive skills. Diggin’ Dino Bones and similar games require players to solve a puzzle once a player has collected all their dinosaur bones. Exercising matching skills, players identify their bones based on the background color, connecting the pieces to form a dinosaur. If a player picks another bone piece, they can choose to put it back in the pile and in the next turn choose another piece fostering their memory skills. Learning while having fun, children get to travel through time and play along with dinosaurs. Prompting their curiosity and imagination. Diggin’ Dino Bones and similar board games are an entertaining way to be active and enjoy each other’s company.