What Time Is It? Educational Board Games

  • Learn to read a clock
  • Learn to recognize numbers and counting
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Build social skills and communication skills

Time is a concept that is hard to measured without some type of clock. Learning to read time can be hard since time passes so quickly when you are having fun and it feels eternal when you are doing something tedious. It is hard for children to comprehend that an hour is longer than a minute since they can feel the same when playing. Educators and parents teach children the concept of time from a young age so they can adapt to class schedules and work promptly during their lessons. A fun way to teach time is by using games. Children are engaged and having a good time by learning through play. Time games are a good hands-on learning tools that keep children entertained while learning. Whether the educator creates or uses a time game, the important thing is that children are participant in the lessons.

There are many games and toys designed to teach time. From analog to digital clock, it is essential that children be able to read time. Board games such as What Time Is It? is a fun set of games to learn about reading time on different clocks. Children get to see the different ways reading the time is important in real life situations. Also, What Time Is It? and similar board games can be used to teach other things and help develop cognitive skills. Parents and educators can focus the lessons on numbers and counting using these types of games. Players move their clock pieces practicing counting and face math problems as they play. Working on a child’s math skills board games help tackle different areas of the brain.

Time board games aid to expand a child’s vocabulary. Learning terms such as morning, afternoon, tomorrow and today to help children comprehend the passing of time. While playing games that focus on learning time the educator can take pauses in the games to highlight those moments where the child can see the time terminology in use. Giving a practical visual aid they can associate to real life. Moreover, time board games like the ones in What Time Is It? help children work on their social skills as the games are meant to be played in group settings. Everyone is communicating and taking turns, focused on the lesson, and having fun playing. Children are able to interact with one another and learn by observing the other players. What Time Is It? and similar games helps everyone enjoy the shared time.