• Develop critical thinking and strategic thinking
  • Foster problem-solving skills
  • Develop spatial perception and visual reasoning

Squashed is one of the many strategic board games that are fun to play and stimulates the brain. Like chess and other similar board games, Squashed is a game that challenges the players critical thinking skills. These types of games are great mind exercises for developing and enhancing cognitive skills. Children learn through play and parents and educators integrate these games to class or any time to keep children active. Squashed and similar games help children to develop strategic thinking by playing against others. Trying to outsmart other players by creating tactics and diversions. It is a good way to enhance planning skills and think moves ahead. Learning to predict other players move in order counter strike. This type of play is an entertaining way to engage children in displaying their thinking abilities in a productive activity.

Furthermore, strategic board games are a good way to bring everyone together. It is an activity that everyone can benefit from exercising their thinking skills. In Squashed and other games alike, players have to see the bigger picture. Each player has four pawns in different parts of the board game which it is shaped like a cube making the board three-dimensional. Like in chess, the last pawn standing wins the game. Players have to look out for their pawns in every side of the cube to prevent them to get them squashed. This type of play helps to enhance problem-problem solving skills. While players move to get closer to the king, they have to analyze the board and how close are the other players. Looking at the different side of the cube for where to move the king once they reach him.

Entertaining and stimulating, strategic games can be played anywhere and anytime. Another benefit of playing Squashed and other types of three-dimensional games is that develops the spatial perception. Players have to be aware of all the sides of the cube before they make a move. Identifying how many moves they need to squash the other pawns and in which direction they should move the cube when they reach the king. Looking at the blank spaces between pawn for possible plays. Exercising their visual reasoning to come up with the plays. Playing defensive and offensive. Squashed and similar board games keep everyone’s eyes sharp to be the ones to step over every pawn. Sometimes it is good to squash over you opponents at least in a game like Squashed. Releasing some stress and having some fun.