• Develop strategic and tactical thinking
  • Build social skills
  • Foster creativity
  • Learn about animal and geography

ZOORegatta is three games in one that help children learn through playing. Educators and parents can make learning fun and challenging by using board games such as ZOORegatta as educational tools. Like many other board games, ZOORegatta helps children learn about the world. ZooRegatta is a visual aid for interactive learning about the continents and countries as the players travel the world to rescue animals. It is a good way for children to practice their knowledge of animals and put into context using a map. Traveling from place to place crossing the waters is a fun way keep children engaged in geography.

All the games in ZOORegatta are designed to be a race to the finish lines. The rules of each game allow the players to move across the board differently. And like other board games, the ZOORegatta games helps exercise strategic thinking players have to choose and plan their routes in order to win. The three games are “ZooRegatta,” “Dangerous Race,” and “Catch the Pirate” and each game require different tactics. Exercising their minds players must be mindful about which country they visit as every game has its obstacles. Children get to learn to analyze and change plans quickly which can be beneficial when faced with challenges in real life situations.

Board games make great simulators for real-life experience. ZOORegatta and other similar board games are a great tool for learning and practicing social skills. Children learn by imitating how the other players interact. They learn to wait for their turn, control their emotions, to win and lose gracefully among other things. ZOORegatta and similar games are a fun activity to practice those social skills needed to work in group settings. Furthermore, board games are center pieces for people come together and talk, while playing children get the opportunity to discuss other matters besides the game banter.

Ultimately board games like ZOORegatta allow the player’s imagination to travel around the world without leaving the room. Children foster their creativity while learning about the continents and rescued animals. Presenting a child with the bigger picture their curiosity ignited by watching how big the world is. It is a good way to give the school lesson engaging them in discussion and having fun searching for animals. ZOORegatta and similar board games are supplement for learning that captivate a child’s attention and keeps them entertained.