I SPY Games

  • Develop Memory retention
  • Detention to details skills
  • Work on vocabulary
  • Reading Device

I Spy board games and books are not only great source of entertainment but also great tool for learning. Educators and parents like to play this game because of its many schooling applications for subjects such as learning about dinosaurs, numbers, animals, or colors. Children get to be creative and test their knowledge on the subject at hand. Also, it is a good way to reinforce communication and observational skills. Building up their vocabulary since the child must mention the objects outload helping them to remember the words.

When using I Spy book versions and other similar reading material, a child has to identify the object in a sentence not only helping build up their vocabulary but also reading comprehension. It makes the reading exercise an interactive experience. Allowing the child to be involved in the process. Parents later can get creative using more advanced books and play the I Spy game with higher reading level books. Helping children develop reading habits and exercise their critical reading skills.

Another benefit of playing I Spy games is that no matter the age it helps with memory retention and strength the memory skills. As they play the players must be constantly remembering the list of objects to find. Working on memorizing colors, shapes, size, position and other categories the child learns to use visual mnemonic devices. Helping children to work on how many words or objects they can remember which can later be applied to schoolwork. Benefiting furthermore their memory and reading skills.

I Spy Games can be a great activity to do anywhere, indoors or outside. It helps children to foster their observations skills. A child has to pay attention to specific details no matter if they are playing outside or in a room full of objects. Developing visual discrimination skills which are useful in real-life situation where they are looking for specific objects or get lost in huge crowds. I Spy Games incite their curiosity and imagination to better help understand their surroundings. Children get to discover new things and desire to explore new worlds. Having fun just admiring pages of a book or outside sceneries I Spy games are great way to pass the time.