Benefits Of Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book

  • Engages in memorization
  • Teaches spelling
  • Promotes motor skills
  • Practices perception

While children develop through there first years of life it is important to introduce educational topics that can benefit them in the identification and spelling of items that can be seen through their childhood. By using the Touch & Teach Word Book, they can get familiar with play through learning, engaging in the improvement in perception, spelling and motor skills while implementing memorization through the book.

What makes this toy an easy method for learning is its ease of use, having it pronounce back whichever object is chosen through the electronic book’s pages. The ease of use on the device leads into improving early attributes in spelling through perception as well. The use of the book itself practices children’s motor skills, flipping through the pages and learning how to change the devices modes and activities that it has to offer.

Each object in the book has its spelling, teaching kids the basics of grammar, giving them the chance to identify words with objects is a great head start before joining school, making them more cognitively aware through identifying these sometimes complicated topics in language. The Touch & Teach Word Book partakes in songs through interactive play, making the experience even more enjoyable through learning. Toys such as these open doors for children to develop language early on, giving them an advantage with their communication skills and methods of expression alike.