• Foster strategic thinking
  • Sharpen math and matching skills
  • Practice number recognition and counting
  • Build social skills

Math is a subject that is practiced in everyday life. Everyone exercises mental computations, adding, subtracting, and other basic math equations when doing everyday task. It is clearer to children when they are playing card games such as Cribbage. Doing math outside the classroom setting helps children sharpen their skills in a fun way. The competition element of the card games bring excitement to doing mental computations and, in the end, a child feels rewarded for their accomplishment by earning points. Cribbage and similar card games require the players to be constantly adding points while playing. Practicing their math skills in an entertaining way.

Children while playing board games and card games enhance their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Cribbage like many other card games has a strategy element to win the game. Players have to analyze their cards and planned their movements before their turns. Fostering their thinking skills to be two or three steps ahead. Taking advantage of the other players moves. It is a fun way for children to keep their minds active and focused on using their critical thinking skills. Helping them develop the tools to solve real life problems and situations.

Parents and educators can take advantage of the standard 52 decks in the classroom as well. Card games can help young children practice number recognition skills and counting. Children can sort the deck to have the pairs of matching numbers together. Enhancing both observation and matching skills. It is a good way to maintain children participating in the lesson as they work with the cards. Playing different types of card games to exercise their math skills and number recognition. Furthermore, Cribbage and similar card games teach players to skip count. Moving the pegs as quickly as the player adds the points.

Ultimately, card games keep children busy playing anytime and anywhere. Bringing everyone together to compete in a friendly card game. It is a good medium to practice social skills. Cribbage and other card games are meant to play in groups. Helping children build their social skills by interacting with the other players. Learning about sportsmanship and waiting for their turns. Card games and other types of games prepare children behave in social settings. Cribbage and similar card games are good way to set the mood and have a good time. Learning and sharing fond memories.