• Practice color, shape, and number recognition
  • Enhance matching and math skills
  • Build social skills and relief stress

On a sunny day or a rainy day, nothing brings everyone together like playing card games. They are great activity to do when boredom strikes. Card games have been proven to help with memory retention, thinking ability and other cognitive skills. Moreover, fast paced card games help keep the mind sharp. Children benefit from this type of play since it helps them in school. Card games are great way to enhance mental computation and speed up solving math problems. Parents and educators sometimes integrate card games to make the classes more interactive. Blink is a fast draw, fast discard card game that exercises everyone’s matching skills which are linked with mathematical skills. Finding the common denominator, matching skills can be found in many math subjects and grades.

Another benefit of playing fast paced card games is that it enhances observational skills. These observational skills are important to develop at young age to identify and discriminate objects in their everyday life such as finding words in letter soup puzzles or catching a ball in midair. Since players have to discard their deck quickly, they have to glance their hand and process the information as fast as they can move their cards. Fostering visual perception as well as visual motor skills. Furthermore, card games are a great visual aid for young children to learn to recognize numbers, colors, and shapes in a fun way. Blink and similar games can be used as exercises to test their color, shape, and numbers in a fun hands-on learning activity.

Bottom line is that card games are great group activities to fraternize and have a good time. It is a good way to learn to follow rules and how to win and lose gracefully. Children benefit from the experience as they build their social skills. Practicing listening and communication skills, children copy other players behavior. Those interactions help children handle real life situations when they are great in group settings. Plus, card games are a fun pastime. They are a good way to unwind and spend time with loved ones or peers. Relieving the stresses of the day. Blink and similar fast paced card games can be played at anytime and anywhere. Card games create an enjoyable atmosphere where people can share laughs and talk. Like many other card games, Blink is an entertaining way to stimulate the mind and enjoy each other’s company.