Cat Crimes

  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Practice reading comprehension
  • Develop memory skills
  • Develop problem-solving

Board games are a good study break that continues train the brain. Playing board games are a good way to exercise cognitive skills that are essential for learning. Mystery board games for example tackle critical thinking skills. Games such as Cat Crimes are a good way to use reasoning and logical thinking to decipher which cat committed what crime. Cat Crimes and other “who done it” games use clues and supporting evidence to help solve the mystery. Cat crimes is a single player game that has crimes ranging from beginner to advance. There are six “cat” suspects and each with different character traits. Every turn there is crime to solve. Children benefit from these types of games challenging their deduction skills and problem solving. Like puzzles and brain teasers, board games such as Cat Crimes test the players critical thinking and helps them exercise reasoning skills in an entertaining way.

Just like critical thinking is evaluated in tests, it important to have a proficiency in reading comprehension. Information is constantly being updated and in the educational system, lessons can become outdated that is why educators and parents make emphasis on teaching children to practice their critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. Cat Crimes and similar games are a great way to practice reading comprehension. Using visual aids and allowing to move the suspects around the scene of the crime helps players have a clear view of what might had happened. Children can use their imagination to connect the dots and solve the case specially highlighting what they read on the suspects cards and clues. Paying attention to what they read to draw conclusions.

Furthermore, mystery board games are a fun way to expand the memory retention. Cat Crimes and other board games alike rely on character traits for clues and evidence. Players have to memorize each character’s personal information to latter use in the game. Children reads these cards every time they play until they are no longer needed. It is a good way to practice study techniques for learning. Educators and parents can use the card sheets to apply to other subjects. Helping a child work on their memory capacity. Board games incorporated with other learning tools keep children interest in studying making it more enjoyable. Making it part of independent schoolwork, Cat Crimes and other mystery games are great way to keep the mind busy and exercising cognitive skills.