The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game

  • Learning vocabulary and spelling
  • Word recognition skills
  • Building reading foundation

Learning how to read can be challenging and also demands a lot of concentration. There are many visual resources and activities designed to help children learn to read – among these is a popular game genre referred to as sight words games. These are a fun way to keep children engaged and focused on learning new words. There are many different versions and varieties of sight words games that can be played just about anywhere. The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game is just one example of a popular sight words game. This game uses a funny alien spaceships theme and requires players to compete to find the greatest amount of words with the fastest time. Like many games of this nature, Slam Ships! includes vocabulary at multiple levels. Children with reading levels ranging from preschool to third grade will be challenged by this fun and fast-paced game.

The Slam Ships! and other similar sight words games helps to develop word recognition skills. The goal of the game is for the player to be able to recognize words in the chips when he or she is reading. Repetition with hearing and seeing words will help children learn to recognize new words and build vocabulary. Children and new readers will be able to apply skills learned from these word recognition exercises to reading outside of the game as well. All of this in turn improves reading comprehension and vocabulary expansion.

This game is an excellent way to help children stay engaged while learning word recognition, reading comprehension, vocabulary and even spelling. Some words are hard to learn phonetically, which is why sight words game such as The Slam Ships! Game can be so helpful for visual learners. This game will help children build a strong reading foundation early on and encourage a healthy interest in creating good reading habits in a way that is much more exciting than traditional lessons.