Trekking the National Parks

  • Learn about parks and animals
  • Enhance decision making skills and strategic thinking
  • Exercise math skills and matching skills
  • Build social skills

Nature is an important subject to study that teaches children about how animals and plants live and support the planet. Visiting National Parks is one hands-on learning experience that promotes everyone to learn about the ecosystems and habitats of wildlife. However, it is difficult to travel to these parks because sometimes they require special equipment or are far away. Trekking the National Parks is a board game that teaches about wildlife and all the U.S. National Parks in a fun way. Like many games, children are engaged and actively listening to the activity learning while they play. Trekking the National Parks and similar games help bring nature indoors.

Besides learning about nature and geology, Trekking the National Parks and similar board games help foster cognitive skills. Board games require players to exercise strategic thinking and decision-making skills. In games such as Trekking the National Parks, players have many options and plays they can do in their turn. The objective of these games is to earn the most points by the end of the game meaning throughout the game they are planning and strategizing the best route to get those points. Analyzing and deciding where to place their camp. Furthermore, having fun making decision helps children to be decisive in real life situations.

Another benefit of using board games as learning tools is that it helps foster mental math. Players have to add points at the end of the game to determine who wins. Trekking the National Parks and similar games also give bonus points to players who collected the most rocks of a specific color. Fostering their sorting and matching skills. The players have to match their cards to the symbols on the National Parks to collect the cards and earn the points. For younger kids, board games are a good way to practice counting and number recognition. Moving along the board it an entertaining way counting the spaces.

Trekking the National Parks and other board games alike bring everyone together to admire the scenery of the National Parks and learn about the land and animals. Having fun together in a competitive setting, children build their social and communication skills. Every time they acquire a parks card, they learn trivia information about that particular place practicing reading comprehension and vocabulary. Spending time with others, children learn how to interact with other people. Trekking the National Parks and similar games transform the learning experience into an adventure that everyone can enjoy.