Benefits Of Chutes And Ladders

  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Practices basic math
  • Promotes social play

The classic game of Chutes and Ladders is a simple board game that engages children in social play to compete for a win. This can introduce children to the refinement of basic motor skills alongside the use of perception. Basic math is also applied through play, in the movement of each board piece on there turn. Although simple, this board game can be a fun way to learn basic skills that can benefit them for the future.

Moving each piece on the board practices motor skill capabilities, improving their hand eye coordination. What is seen alongside this is the introduction to cause and effect and how for every action there is a reaction throughout the board. The point of the game being to take ladders to win, it is up to the player to understand this mechanic and use their perception skills accurately to achieve this.

The use of a spinner to move each piece can demonstrate simple attributes in adding numbers, this goes alongside the motor skills development by moving each piece depending on the number landed on. To reach the end of the game, there is a set number of tiles that need to be passed to arrive there and counting these can also help this attribute as well. Chutes and Ladders promotes social play, building charisma through out peers, creating confidence to speak up and interact with people around those same group of children. This can benefit how children interact and speak up in a classroom later on in their academic career, creating more opportunities to learn, play and enjoy their time at school.