• Promotes creativity
  • Practice math skills
  • Exercises fine motor skills
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity

Expressing one’s artistic side doesn’t require skillfulness. Arts and crafts time is meant for people to let their creativity and imagination loose. They are an activity that helps relieve stress and take time to clear the mind. Children benefit from this type of activity as imagination and creativity are essential in learning since creativity is associated with the Arts and Sciences. Doing activities that exercises creativity help children expand their way of thinking. An arts and crafts activity that everyone can do is draw with Spirograph. This drawing tool helps create circular patterns using different pens in a plethora of colors. Like many other arts and crafts activity, there are not set of rules of what the final product should look like leaving it to the child’s imagination to do what they want and explore different shapes and mix colors.

Spirograph and similar toys have other learning benefits. Part of the goals of arts and crafts is to exercise a child’s motor skills. It is a fun way for children to learn how to hold writing tools to write and execute every day task. Using a Spirograph and similar drawing tools the child has to grab the pen from different angles to be able to do different designs. Making repetitive circular motions until the start of the pattern reaches full circle. Exercising visual motor coordination and developing hand-eye coordination, arts and craft require children to do all sorts of hand movements. It is a fun way to enhance the fine motor skills and strength finger muscles. Moreover, children work on their dexterity as they draw. Arts and crafts keep the hand busy and fine motor skills sharp.

Beyond being an arts and crafts activity, the Spirograph is a mathematical tool. There is a science behind the patterns one can make with a pen. Spirograph and similar toys can help visualize geometric shapes, angles, and radius making sense of trigonometry and other math principles before putting the formulas into practice. Understanding the inner working of a Spirograph is a good way to introduce these math concepts. Plus, the final product is a beautiful art work. Spirograph and other math tools are a good way to incentive children to experiment and try different angle combinations. Promoting their curiosity and scientific thinking into practice. Arts and crafts are versatile hands-on learning tools that make for beautiful and entertaining works of art.