Blokus Game

  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Foster problem solving
  • Exercise counting skills
  • Spatial awareness

Blokus Game is a classic board game that is fun and challenging for everyone. Similar to other board games, Blokus is great way for everyone to exercise their minds. While playing Blokus and other similar games the players are actively thinking and engaged in strategies, planning and making decisions. Specially children benefit from these games as it allows them to develop strategic thinking from an early age. Blokus and other board games alike require the players to create offensive and defensive plays and choosing their pieces carefully in order to win. Making players come up with plays three steps ahead of their game. Children can later apply what they learn from board games to other subjects.

Furthermore, board games work on other cognitive skills. Blokus and similar board games help with exercising a person’s problem-solving skills. Players must analyze and critically think to find solutions as the game progresses. Every time a player blocks the other players’ path, they have to find new outlets for placing their pieces. This is a great exercise for children to practice their problem-solving skills outside the classroom setting. It is a fun way to wrap up one’s brain to come up with a play solves the block and continue the play instead of passing the turn. Also, Blokus and other board games alike are great way to enhance spatial awareness. Looking for space in board to put the pieces and finding new patterns to block, players focus on the shape of the pieces and how can they use them to their advantage.

Children benefit from having board games during their lessons. Many board games are designed on a point system. Board games such as Blokus are a great learning tool for subjects like math. Parents and educators can use board games like Blokus to teach counting and addition. Children are required to count and add the points in order to know who won the game practicing their math skills. In a game like Blokus, there are additional points for the player who doesn’t have any pieces left and if the last piece used is a small square. Children can count the squares of the pieces left behind and the ones on the board exercising their counting skills. Blokus and similar games are a fun way for keeping children invested in learning while they have fun. It is a game that challenges everyone no matter the age teaching something to everyone and having a good time.