Counting Cows Toy Set

  • Number recognition and counting
  • Color identification and matching skills
  • Develop fine motor skills and motor planning

If counting sheep can make you sleepy, what about counting cow instead? Snap–N–Learn Counting Cows toy set is one of the educational toys that can help children learn to recognize numbers. It is important that young children have visual aids that they can feel and see to grasp concepts. Parents and educators use these toys as hands-on learning tools for children to focus on the lessons. Young children are captivated by the games they play paying attention to what the other people around trying to imitate what they are doing. By playing they can make sense of numbers and math. Counting Cow toy set and other similar toys can be used for exercises helping children practice number recognition, learn how to count and numerical order.

Educational toys make classes dynamic. They help children to listen and move. Counting Cow and other counting games are designed to help children participate in the activity by working with their hands. Whether is playtime or class time, young children are developing their fine motor skills as they learn with these types of toys. Children grab, pull, and put back together the cows helping their finger muscles get stronger. While playing, the toddler makes different hands exercises practicing hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Also, it fosters motor planning skills as the young child match the cows body parts and align all the cows in a row of numerical order. Remembering what pieces go together. All these fine motor exercises prepare a child in a fun way to use their hands for writing and to do everyday tasks.

Counting Cow and similar educational games can be used in different ways. Helping children learn and develop cognitive skills while they play. Any time of the day these types of toys are fun activity to practice matching skills and visual discrimination. Children can practice matching skills by pairing the pieces to match the same color. Enhancing color identification, a toddler learns colors as well as numbers. Another way they can do matching exercises is to pair the bottom part of the cow that has spots to the corresponding top part that has the number of the spots. They get to associate the numbers to the numerical value. Counting Cow and similar toy sets foster children to think and learn while they have a good time. Sharing the fun makes the learning experience memorable.