Santorini Strategy Board Game

  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Foster problem solving
  • Exercise visual perception skills
  • Build social skills

Santorini is a strategy board game and like many similar games, it is a good addition to the learning tools. Strategy board games are a fun activity for working on cognitive skills. They mainly focus on exercising players strategic thinking helping them create and develop different tactics and plans. Focusing on the endgame, players think of moves ahead of their turn and are prepared for offensive plays from the other players. In strategy games such as Santorini, players have variety of special moves and cards to keep the game interesting. Using Greek mythology gods for advance plays, players can create offensive and defensive strategies. It is a good way for stimulating the mind and keeping children engaged in class. Learning to analyze and be creative with their plans to later be applied to real life situations.

Strategy board games can be played whenever you feel bored or want to change the pace. Another benefit of playing these types of games is that it enhances problem-solving skills. While working on a strategy, players are practicing problem solving. Doing a step-by-step plan, they asses the problem and the goal. Analyzing and predicting other players moves children learn too use their critical thinking skills to solve problems in an entertaining way. Keeping the hands and mind busy. Furthermore, in Santorini and similar games, players have to think about their surroundings as they assemble their buildings. Fostering visual perception skills as well. These three-dimensional type of board games require players to pay attention to the space and blocks trying to have the workers on the highest level possible. Children have fun creating their own world.

Ultimately, board games are meant to be social tools to interact with others. It is a fun way to get everyone together to enjoy each other’s company. Taking the opportunity to work on social skills and learn from the interactions. Children develop their interpersonal skills and communication skills. Practicing sportsmanship, they learn to win and lose gracefully. Board games are relaxing and fun group exercises that teach children about teamwork and sharing. They get to observe and imitate the other players. Through these social interactions, children get to experience real life situations in an entertaining setting. Santorini and similar games keep everyone invested in the activity. Allowing everyone to participate in the learning, players get to test their wits while they have fun playing. Imagining they are in Santorini!