Odd Cookies

  • Learn to distinguish odd and even numbers
  • Exercise logical-mathematical skills
  • Foster sharing & cooperation
  • Develop hand-eye coordination

Math games are an entertaining way to teach math problems in class. They are set as visual aids that challenge a player’s skills. Educator and parents may sometime use these math games to test a child’s knowledge or present a new concept. However, math games offer more than simple math exercises. They are a great tool to exercise logical and mathematical skills. Engaging children through playtime, educators and parents can assess a child’s skills. The games are unusual math problems different from the ones that are in textbooks helping children see math problems from another perspective. Plus, turning the lesson into a game is fun for everyone.

There are many math games that are created to assist different math lessons such as counting, addition, and subtraction. Odd Cookies is a math game designed to help children practice distinguishing odd and even numbers. Players have two designated cookie jar boards, one for odd and another for even numbers, and they roll the die to determine where to place the cookies. Like many other odd and even games, children distinguish between the set of numbers using visual aid and repetition. Practicing each round and observing other players a child can comprehend the concept and apply it to other math exercises.

Odd Cookies and similar math games are a hands-on learning experience. Another benefit of using math games as teaching tool is that it exercises not only the mind but the body as well. Odd Cookies and other math games have a physical element that helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. By extracting the cookies from the bag and placing them in the corresponding place in the cookie jar board a child is working on their hand-eye coordination. Keeping the child engage in the game.

Finally, math games such as Odd Cookies are meant to be integrated to group learning. Children share the same experience as the other players. Educators and parents can use these math games to teach sharing skills and how to work together in teams. A child will follow the rules and copy other players behaviors as well as learn the concept of odds and evens. Odd Cookies and other board games bring everyone together to play. Enjoying the math lesson through games. Having a good time while learning and creating fun memories.