Splash Game

  • Learn about ocean animals
  • Build social skills
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase reflexes

The ocean is a marvelous subject that has many facts and history that are important learn at a young age. The ocean ecosystem houses a diverse cast of animals and plants that contribute to the world. Children learn about this subject in science class. A good way to introduce or review this subject is by using hands-on learning tools such as games. Everything is more fun when is set up in a game. Children are engaged and actively listening which helps memorize facts better. Games such as Splash! are good way to learn about the different animals that habit that vast body of water. Splash! designed the game to teach about different animals by matching the ocean animals in their cards and writing the facts on its borders.

Splash! and similar card games helps children develop and grow in other ways. Working on dexterity and reflexes card games are a good way to foster those skills. In Splash, players exercise their matching skills by pairing four of the same kind animal cards and grabbing the dolphin toys. The players have to be quick in snatching the dolphin just like in musical chairs each round there are less dolphins eliminating the players. Children get to practice their reflexes which are important for doing physical activities such as sports. Plus, it is a good way to release some energy after being in sedimentary positions for long periods of time. Children are reenergized and alert for learning about ocean animals.

Ultimately Splash! and similar games make learning a group activity. Most of the time the schoolwork exercises are meant for individual learning. Assessing a child’s knowledge by standardized testing. Card games help bring everyone together for a fun learning experience. This helps children learn from each other and build their interpersonal relationships. It is important to give a space for children to express themselves and let loose learning. Creating a space for communication, children get to learn from the other players behaviors. Also doing these types of activities such as playing card games help reduce stress. Splash! and similar games are fun way to calm the mind from the hectic days and concentrate on the people around you. Sharing interest in ocean animals and being the last one with a dolphin toy.