DIY Building a Birdhouse Kit

  • Learn about birds and wildlife
  • Work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Foster creativity
  • Learn engineering principles

Wildlife specially birds teach us so many things about nature and the importance of wildlife conservation. Many science curriculums dedicate hours to study nature and bird immigration patterns so much so that we created hobbies around these animals. Helping young children to be invested in science. A child’s affinity for exploring and learning is fostered by working on science projects such as building a Birdhouse. Working on Birdhouses is a good way to have children engaged and entertained learning about different species of birds. There are many types of Birdhouse Kits that are useful for building birdhouses at home or anywhere else. Making and arts and crafts project to keep and use as a learning tool.

Do It Yourself projects such as Birdhouses also help in other aspects of learning. Using Science class as the focus, these types of projects can serve as introduction for engineering principles. Educators and parents can use the project to teach about the different types of birdhouse designs and constructions. Helping children research and choose what materials to use and what type of house will be best for the birds around their area. Depending on their location they might choose bigger or smaller birdhouses for the wildlife creatures. Children get to do independent study about the subject.

Another benefit of making birdhouses is that it is a good way for young children to develop and exercise their fine motor skills. No matter the age or skill level, Birdhouse building is a fun way to use their hands to create something. Birdhouses Kits have the materials already cut and the person only needs to assemble the pieces. Just like playing with building blocks, children learn to follow the instructions and put the pieces together. Educators and parents can teach older children to use construction tools such as hammers and nails to build the birdhouses. Exercising their hand-eye coordination skills. Using math to determine dimensions and working on a design.

Finally, when finished construction of the birdhouses, children get to have fun decorating them. They can paint the houses different colors or make designs and patterns. Building and painting Birdhouses is a good way for channeling self-expression and creativity. Developing their confidence as they set the houses knowing that they made a shelter for many birds that they can later observe. Building Birdhouses is an activity that everyone can enjoy that creates awareness of wildlife. It leads to children to children to explore nature and their surrounding learning while being active.