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Evolution Board Game

Learn about evolution Foster strategic thinking Problem solving skills A goal for using games in class is to help students learn while they have fun. Board games keep everyone engaged requiring that the players be actively participating of the activity. This is an entertaining way to learn and remember abstract concepts and complicated terminology. In...


Colored Wooden Sorting Maching Stacking Game

Develop fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination Build sorting and matching skills Learn shape and color recognition Foster balancing skills Sorting and matching skills are part of the cognitive skills that help develop the foundation for reading and math. It is important for toddlers to be able to distinguish similarities and differences of the objects...


Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set

Develop fine and gross motor skills Foster problem solving Promotes creativity and imagination Builds social skills and communication All aboard the train to the learning station. Train Tables Sets are wonderful toys that can serve as learning tools to help children recognize and understand various concepts such as counting and vocabulary. Like many other hands-on...


Counting Bears

Fine Motor Skills Shapes and Color recognition Counting and basic math Counting can be fun activity to pass the time. It one of the first skills learned from an early age. Numbers are so important that they are imbedded in most parts of our life. A game that practice those skills is Counting Bears. It...


Pick Me Up, Piggy!

Build social skills Develop memory skills Promote imagination and creativity Farm animals have been present in learning, part of the educational curriculum. They are a fun subject that help children to be entertained and actively listening. Parents and educators use games centered on these animals to make their classes interesting. Board games are a good...

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