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Learn environmental science Foster spatial reasoning Promotes strategic thinking Enhance matching and math skills What makes a planet habitable? In Science class, children use their observation skills and thinking abilities to learn about environmental sciences. Learning through interactive activities about what are the components of a habitable planet, science lessons are all about hands-on learning...


Splash Game

Learn about ocean animals Build social skills Reduce stress Increase reflexes The ocean is a marvelous subject that has many facts and history that are important learn at a young age. The ocean ecosystem houses a diverse cast of animals and plants that contribute to the world. Children learn about this subject in science class....


Cyiecw Piano Music Mat

Engages motor skills Encourages music skills Practices physical activity Partakes in creative play The CYIECW Piano Music Mat is a fun and educational way to introduce music to children at an early age. It encourages them to stay active while creating music by using physical activity to partake in the piano playing. This creates a...


Odd Cookies

Learn to distinguish odd and even numbers Exercise logical-mathematical skills Foster sharing & cooperation Develop hand-eye coordination Math games are an entertaining way to teach math problems in class. They are set as visual aids that challenge a player’s skills. Educator and parents may sometime use these math games to test a child’s knowledge or...


Santorini Strategy Board Game

Enhance strategic thinking Foster problem solving Exercise visual perception skills Build social skills Santorini is a strategy board game and like many similar games, it is a good addition to the learning tools. Strategy board games are a fun activity for working on cognitive skills. They mainly focus on exercising players strategic thinking helping them...


Counting Cows Toy Set

Number recognition and counting Color identification and matching skills Develop fine motor skills and motor planning If counting sheep can make you sleepy, what about counting cow instead? Snap–N–Learn Counting Cows toy set is one of the educational toys that can help children learn to recognize numbers. It is important that young children have visual...



Promotes creativity Practice math skills Exercises fine motor skills Enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity Expressing one’s artistic side doesn’t require skillfulness. Arts and crafts time is meant for people to let their creativity and imagination loose. They are an activity that helps relieve stress and take time to clear the mind. Children benefit from this...


Help Little Crocodile

Foster logical thinking and reasoning skills Boost problem-solving and strategic thinking Exercise hand-eye coordination Improve observational skills It is always fun to challenge your brain with a puzzle. They are a good way to keep the mind active and occupied for a period of time. Stimulating a person’s cognitive skills. Logical puzzles are entertaining and...


The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game

Learning vocabulary and spelling Word recognition skills Building reading foundation Learning how to read can be challenging and also demands a lot of concentration. There are many visual resources and activities designed to help children learn to read – among these is a popular game genre referred to as sight words games. These are a...


Trekking the National Parks

Learn about parks and animals Enhance decision making skills and strategic thinking Exercise math skills and matching skills Build social skills Nature is an important subject to study that teaches children about how animals and plants live and support the planet. Visiting National Parks is one hands-on learning experience that promotes everyone to learn about...