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Bean Bag Toss Game

Help build social skills Develop hand coordination and dexterity Learn count and number recognition Enhance concentration Bean bag toss games, a simple activity but for children it is a good way to develop and grow. There are many games and activities that utilizes bean bags to foster learning. Educators and parents incorporate these games to...



Practice color, shape, and number recognition Enhance matching and math skills Build social skills and relief stress On a sunny day or a rainy day, nothing brings everyone together like playing card games. They are great activity to do when boredom strikes. Card games have been proven to help with memory retention, thinking ability and...



Foster strategic thinking Sharpen math and matching skills Practice number recognition and counting Build social skills Math is a subject that is practiced in everyday life. Everyone exercises mental computations, adding, subtracting, and other basic math equations when doing everyday task. It is clearer to children when they are playing card games such as Cribbage....


Rainbow Puzzle Ball

Foster color recognition Enhances logical thinking and memory retention Exercises fine motor skills and hand flexibility Stress relief Sometimes learning can feel like a building puzzle, connecting bits of information until the lessons becomes a clear picture that makes sense. Games and brain teasers can be tools to help build that puzzle. They are great...


Benefits Of Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book

Engages in memorization Teaches spelling Promotes motor skills Practices perception While children develop through there first years of life it is important to introduce educational topics that can benefit them in the identification and spelling of items that can be seen through their childhood. By using the Touch & Teach Word Book, they can get...


Proof! Math Game

Improve math skills Exercise decision making skills Develop problem-solving skills Practice strategic thinking Some board games are designed to be used in a classroom setting in mind. Educators and parents sometimes create and even integrate games to make the lessons fun. Playing different types of games in class keep children invested in learning. There are...


I SPY Games

Develop Memory retention Detention to details skills Work on vocabulary Reading Device I Spy board games and books are not only great source of entertainment but also great tool for learning. Educators and parents like to play this game because of its many schooling applications for subjects such as learning about dinosaurs, numbers, animals, or...



Develop critical thinking and strategic thinking Foster problem-solving skills Develop spatial perception and visual reasoning Squashed is one of the many strategic board games that are fun to play and stimulates the brain. Like chess and other similar board games, Squashed is a game that challenges the players critical thinking skills. These types of games...


What Time Is It? Educational Board Games

Learn to read a clock Learn to recognize numbers and counting Expand vocabulary Build social skills and communication skills Time is a concept that is hard to measured without some type of clock. Learning to read time can be hard since time passes so quickly when you are having fun and it feels eternal when...