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Alphabet Island

Foster letter recognition Build vocabulary Practice matching skills While playing games, everyone can take the opportunity to learn and have some fun. Fundamentally games are hands-on learning tools that parents and educators use to keep children engaged and participating in class. They are a great tool for children comprehend concepts and put them into practice....


Benefits Of Talking Microscope

Engages problem solving skills Encourages perception Promotes cognitive practice Practices memory The Talking Microscope is a great way to introduce animals and greenery from around the world to children at a young age. It encourages improvement in problem solving skills while engaging in perception, cognitive practice, and memorization. Flora and fauna can be fun for...


National Geographic Balance Stepping Stones

Foster balance and coordination Develop motor skills Enhance visual perception Practice concentration Taking their first steps children are always moving forward as they grow and learn. In early learning, exercising fine and gross motor skills is a fundamental part to the learning process. It is proven that physical activity helps children do better in school....


Sew Mini Animals Sewing & Craft Kit

Foster creativity and self-expression Exercises hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills Relief stress Arts and crafts are a fun activity that that keeps your mind active as well as your hands. It helps relieve stress and take your mind off worries. It helps boost endorphins which help you feel happy. Arts and craft such as...


Jetpack Joyride

Foster spatial reasoning Develop hand-eye coordination Boost problem solving and decision making Learning can be sometimes like a puzzle. Gathering pieces of information, organizing them, constructing a framework until getting the bigger picture. Moreover, puzzles and puzzle play has been linked to boosting cognitive skills, especially spatial reasoning. Playing with puzzles from a young age...


Don’t Say It

Expand vocabulary Foster creative problem solving Sharpen math skills Build social skills When you have a word at the tip of the tongue, it is a challenge to get them out. Charades games and word association games imitate that feeling encouraging players to think and guess the missing words. Additionally, these games have been linked...


Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water

Develop gross and fine motors skills Builds math skills Promotes creativity Enhances social skills and communication The senses of sight, hearing, and touch play a key role in playing and learning. These senses are needed to do hands-on learning exercises which help children to be engaged and focused. Children are excited to participate in an...


Plugo STEM Pack

Enhances math skills Practice spelling and grammar Develop problem solving Exercise fine motor skills It is important for young children to be fully engaged in class. Working with their hands helps them contrate and retain information however, a child interest has shifted to playing with laptops and computers. Plugo STEM Pack is one of the...


Peg Number Boards

Associate numbers with quantities Learn counting and number recognition Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Foster concentration skills Pegboards are wonderful toys that can be integrated to the classrooms or to independent study. Like many hands-on learning tools, pegboards are meant to be interactive and entertaining. Engaging children in learning, games and toys like...


Tumbling Cake

Develop fine and gross motor skills Improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity Foster decision making skills Boost social skills In early development, sorting, matching, and stacking games play a role in learning. Stacking games and activities, for example, help develop gross and fine motor skills in young children. While playing these types of games, players need...