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Bean Bag Toss Game

Help build social skills Develop hand coordination and dexterity Learn count and number recognition Enhance concentration Bean bag toss games, a simple activity but for children it is a good way to develop and grow. There are many games and activities that utilizes bean bags to foster learning. Educators and parents incorporate these games to...


National Geographic Balance Stepping Stones

Foster balance and coordination Develop motor skills Enhance visual perception Practice concentration Taking their first steps children are always moving forward as they grow and learn. In early learning, exercising fine and gross motor skills is a fundamental part to the learning process. It is proven that physical activity helps children do better in school....


Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water

Develop gross and fine motors skills Builds math skills Promotes creativity Enhances social skills and communication The senses of sight, hearing, and touch play a key role in playing and learning. These senses are needed to do hands-on learning exercises which help children to be engaged and focused. Children are excited to participate in an...