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I Spy Dig In Game

Engages memorization skills Encourages perception skills Practices problem solving Partakes in cognitive thinking The I Spy Dig in Game introduces children into a world on observation, patience and thinking when having to find specific items in a bowl filled with dozens of objects and items. These practices feature memorization, perception, problem solving while using cognitive...



Learn environmental science Foster spatial reasoning Promotes strategic thinking Enhance matching and math skills What makes a planet habitable? In Science class, children use their observation skills and thinking abilities to learn about environmental sciences. Learning through interactive activities about what are the components of a habitable planet, science lessons are all about hands-on learning...


Splash Game

Learn about ocean animals Build social skills Reduce stress Increase reflexes The ocean is a marvelous subject that has many facts and history that are important learn at a young age. The ocean ecosystem houses a diverse cast of animals and plants that contribute to the world. Children learn about this subject in science class....


Santorini Strategy Board Game

Enhance strategic thinking Foster problem solving Exercise visual perception skills Build social skills Santorini is a strategy board game and like many similar games, it is a good addition to the learning tools. Strategy board games are a fun activity for working on cognitive skills. They mainly focus on exercising players strategic thinking helping them...


Blokus Game

Develop strategic thinking Foster problem solving Exercise counting skills Spatial awareness Blokus Game is a classic board game that is fun and challenging for everyone. Similar to other board games, Blokus is great way for everyone to exercise their minds. While playing Blokus and other similar games the players are actively thinking and engaged in...


Benefits Of Chutes And Ladders

Engages motor skills Encourages perception skills Practices basic math Promotes social play The classic game of Chutes and Ladders is a simple board game that engages children in social play to compete for a win. This can introduce children to the refinement of basic motor skills alongside the use of perception. Basic math is also...


Trekking the National Parks

Learn about parks and animals Enhance decision making skills and strategic thinking Exercise math skills and matching skills Build social skills Nature is an important subject to study that teaches children about how animals and plants live and support the planet. Visiting National Parks is one hands-on learning experience that promotes everyone to learn about...


I SPY Games

Develop Memory retention Detention to details skills Work on vocabulary Reading Device I Spy board games and books are not only great source of entertainment but also great tool for learning. Educators and parents like to play this game because of its many schooling applications for subjects such as learning about dinosaurs, numbers, animals, or...



Develop strategic and tactical thinking Build social skills Foster creativity Learn about animal and geography ZOORegatta is three games in one that help children learn through playing. Educators and parents can make learning fun and challenging by using board games such as ZOORegatta as educational tools. Like many other board games, ZOORegatta helps children learn...



Develop critical thinking and strategic thinking Foster problem-solving skills Develop spatial perception and visual reasoning Squashed is one of the many strategic board games that are fun to play and stimulates the brain. Like chess and other similar board games, Squashed is a game that challenges the players critical thinking skills. These types of games...

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