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Taboo Kids vs. Parents Family Board Game

Exercises memory Help build vocabulary Enhance problem-solving skills Stress relief and social skills Throughout the years board games have been used as unconventional learning tools. In a study published in the AM J Phycol presented how the game Taboo exercises the working memory. Taboo and other similar board games are a great way to train...


Jetpack Joyride

Foster spatial reasoning Develop hand-eye coordination Boost problem solving and decision making Learning can be sometimes like a puzzle. Gathering pieces of information, organizing them, constructing a framework until getting the bigger picture. Moreover, puzzles and puzzle play has been linked to boosting cognitive skills, especially spatial reasoning. Playing with puzzles from a young age...


Don’t Say It

Expand vocabulary Foster creative problem solving Sharpen math skills Build social skills When you have a word at the tip of the tongue, it is a challenge to get them out. Charades games and word association games imitate that feeling encouraging players to think and guess the missing words. Additionally, these games have been linked...


Evolution Board Game

Learn about evolution Foster strategic thinking Problem solving skills A goal for using games in class is to help students learn while they have fun. Board games keep everyone engaged requiring that the players be actively participating of the activity. This is an entertaining way to learn and remember abstract concepts and complicated terminology. In...


Tumbling Cake

Develop fine and gross motor skills Improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity Foster decision making skills Boost social skills In early development, sorting, matching, and stacking games play a role in learning. Stacking games and activities, for example, help develop gross and fine motor skills in young children. While playing these types of games, players need...


Pick Me Up, Piggy!

Build social skills Develop memory skills Promote imagination and creativity Farm animals have been present in learning, part of the educational curriculum. They are a fun subject that help children to be entertained and actively listening. Parents and educators use games centered on these animals to make their classes interesting. Board games are a good...

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