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Promotes creativity Practice math skills Exercises fine motor skills Enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity Expressing one’s artistic side doesn’t require skillfulness. Arts and crafts time is meant for people to let their creativity and imagination loose. They are an activity that helps relieve stress and take time to clear the mind. Children benefit from this...


Digging’ Dino Bones

Learn about dinosaurs Work on teamwork Enhance memory skills and thinking skills Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures to the curious mind. Many children like these prehistoric animals, therefor they are great hands-on learning tools to captivate a child’s attention. Parents and educators use dinosaur toys and games to engage children in learning. There are many activities...


Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set

Develop fine and gross motor skills Foster problem solving Promotes creativity and imagination Builds social skills and communication All aboard the train to the learning station. Train Tables Sets are wonderful toys that can serve as learning tools to help children recognize and understand various concepts such as counting and vocabulary. Like many other hands-on...