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Odd Cookies

Learn to distinguish odd and even numbers Exercise logical-mathematical skills Foster sharing & cooperation Develop hand-eye coordination Math games are an entertaining way to teach math problems in class. They are set as visual aids that challenge a player’s skills. Educator and parents may sometime use these math games to test a child’s knowledge or...


Counting Cows Toy Set

Number recognition and counting Color identification and matching skills Develop fine motor skills and motor planning If counting sheep can make you sleepy, what about counting cow instead? Snap–N–Learn Counting Cows toy set is one of the educational toys that can help children learn to recognize numbers. It is important that young children have visual...


The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game

Learning vocabulary and spelling Word recognition skills Building reading foundation Learning how to read can be challenging and also demands a lot of concentration. There are many visual resources and activities designed to help children learn to read – among these is a popular game genre referred to as sight words games. These are a...


Benefits Of Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book

Engages in memorization Teaches spelling Promotes motor skills Practices perception While children develop through there first years of life it is important to introduce educational topics that can benefit them in the identification and spelling of items that can be seen through their childhood. By using the Touch & Teach Word Book, they can get...


Proof! Math Game

Improve math skills Exercise decision making skills Develop problem-solving skills Practice strategic thinking Some board games are designed to be used in a classroom setting in mind. Educators and parents sometimes create and even integrate games to make the lessons fun. Playing different types of games in class keep children invested in learning. There are...


What Time Is It? Educational Board Games

Learn to read a clock Learn to recognize numbers and counting Expand vocabulary Build social skills and communication skills Time is a concept that is hard to measured without some type of clock. Learning to read time can be hard since time passes so quickly when you are having fun and it feels eternal when...


Alphabet Island

Foster letter recognition Build vocabulary Practice matching skills While playing games, everyone can take the opportunity to learn and have some fun. Fundamentally games are hands-on learning tools that parents and educators use to keep children engaged and participating in class. They are a great tool for children comprehend concepts and put them into practice....


Benefits Of Talking Microscope

Engages problem solving skills Encourages perception Promotes cognitive practice Practices memory The Talking Microscope is a great way to introduce animals and greenery from around the world to children at a young age. It encourages improvement in problem solving skills while engaging in perception, cognitive practice, and memorization. Flora and fauna can be fun for...


Colored Wooden Sorting Maching Stacking Game

Develop fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination Build sorting and matching skills Learn shape and color recognition Foster balancing skills Sorting and matching skills are part of the cognitive skills that help develop the foundation for reading and math. It is important for toddlers to be able to distinguish similarities and differences of the objects...

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