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Plugo STEM Pack

Enhances math skills Practice spelling and grammar Develop problem solving Exercise fine motor skills It is important for young children to be fully engaged in class. Working with their hands helps them contrate and retain information however, a child interest has shifted to playing with laptops and computers. Plugo STEM Pack is one of the...


Peg Number Boards

Associate numbers with quantities Learn counting and number recognition Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Foster concentration skills Pegboards are wonderful toys that can be integrated to the classrooms or to independent study. Like many hands-on learning tools, pegboards are meant to be interactive and entertaining. Engaging children in learning, games and toys like...


Counting Bears

Fine Motor Skills Shapes and Color recognition Counting and basic math Counting can be fun activity to pass the time. It one of the first skills learned from an early age. Numbers are so important that they are imbedded in most parts of our life. A game that practice those skills is Counting Bears. It...

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