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Help Little Crocodile

Foster logical thinking and reasoning skills Boost problem-solving and strategic thinking Exercise hand-eye coordination Improve observational skills It is always fun to challenge your brain with a puzzle. They are a good way to keep the mind active and occupied for a period of time. Stimulating a person’s cognitive skills. Logical puzzles are entertaining and...


3D solar system space puzzle

Learn about solar system and the planets Foster problem-solving Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Promotes creativity The study of the universe and its many mysteries has been part of the human quest for knowledge. The information gathered from satellites and space shuttles has raised more questions than answers. However, astronomy is one of...


Cat Crimes

Enhance critical thinking Practice reading comprehension Develop memory skills Develop problem-solving Board games are a good study break that continues train the brain. Playing board games are a good way to exercise cognitive skills that are essential for learning. Mystery board games for example tackle critical thinking skills. Games such as Cat Crimes are a...


Rainbow Puzzle Ball

Foster color recognition Enhances logical thinking and memory retention Exercises fine motor skills and hand flexibility Stress relief Sometimes learning can feel like a building puzzle, connecting bits of information until the lessons becomes a clear picture that makes sense. Games and brain teasers can be tools to help build that puzzle. They are great...