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I Spy Dig In Game

Engages memorization skills Encourages perception skills Practices problem solving Partakes in cognitive thinking The I Spy Dig in Game introduces children into a world on observation, patience and thinking when having to find specific items in a bowl filled with dozens of objects and items. These practices feature memorization, perception, problem solving while using cognitive...


Splash Game

Learn about ocean animals Build social skills Reduce stress Increase reflexes The ocean is a marvelous subject that has many facts and history that are important learn at a young age. The ocean ecosystem houses a diverse cast of animals and plants that contribute to the world. Children learn about this subject in science class....


Odd Cookies

Learn to distinguish odd and even numbers Exercise logical-mathematical skills Foster sharing & cooperation Develop hand-eye coordination Math games are an entertaining way to teach math problems in class. They are set as visual aids that challenge a player’s skills. Educator and parents may sometime use these math games to test a child’s knowledge or...


Blokus Game

Develop strategic thinking Foster problem solving Exercise counting skills Spatial awareness Blokus Game is a classic board game that is fun and challenging for everyone. Similar to other board games, Blokus is great way for everyone to exercise their minds. While playing Blokus and other similar games the players are actively thinking and engaged in...


The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game

Learning vocabulary and spelling Word recognition skills Building reading foundation Learning how to read can be challenging and also demands a lot of concentration. There are many visual resources and activities designed to help children learn to read – among these is a popular game genre referred to as sight words games. These are a...


3D solar system space puzzle

Learn about solar system and the planets Foster problem-solving Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Promotes creativity The study of the universe and its many mysteries has been part of the human quest for knowledge. The information gathered from satellites and space shuttles has raised more questions than answers. However, astronomy is one of...



Foster strategic thinking Sharpen math and matching skills Practice number recognition and counting Build social skills Math is a subject that is practiced in everyday life. Everyone exercises mental computations, adding, subtracting, and other basic math equations when doing everyday task. It is clearer to children when they are playing card games such as Cribbage....


What Time Is It? Educational Board Games

Learn to read a clock Learn to recognize numbers and counting Expand vocabulary Build social skills and communication skills Time is a concept that is hard to measured without some type of clock. Learning to read time can be hard since time passes so quickly when you are having fun and it feels eternal when...


Counting Bears

Fine Motor Skills Shapes and Color recognition Counting and basic math Counting can be fun activity to pass the time. It one of the first skills learned from an early age. Numbers are so important that they are imbedded in most parts of our life. A game that practice those skills is Counting Bears. It...