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Learn environmental science Foster spatial reasoning Promotes strategic thinking Enhance matching and math skills What makes a planet habitable? In Science class, children use their observation skills and thinking abilities to learn about environmental sciences. Learning through interactive activities about what are the components of a habitable planet, science lessons are all about hands-on learning...


Trekking the National Parks

Learn about parks and animals Enhance decision making skills and strategic thinking Exercise math skills and matching skills Build social skills Nature is an important subject to study that teaches children about how animals and plants live and support the planet. Visiting National Parks is one hands-on learning experience that promotes everyone to learn about...


Cat Crimes

Enhance critical thinking Practice reading comprehension Develop memory skills Develop problem-solving Board games are a good study break that continues train the brain. Playing board games are a good way to exercise cognitive skills that are essential for learning. Mystery board games for example tackle critical thinking skills. Games such as Cat Crimes are a...


Taboo Kids vs. Parents Family Board Game

Exercises memory Help build vocabulary Enhance problem-solving skills Stress relief and social skills Throughout the years board games have been used as unconventional learning tools. In a study published in the AM J Phycol presented how the game Taboo exercises the working memory. Taboo and other similar board games are a great way to train...


Sew Mini Animals Sewing & Craft Kit

Foster creativity and self-expression Exercises hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills Relief stress Arts and crafts are a fun activity that that keeps your mind active as well as your hands. It helps relieve stress and take your mind off worries. It helps boost endorphins which help you feel happy. Arts and craft such as...


Jetpack Joyride

Foster spatial reasoning Develop hand-eye coordination Boost problem solving and decision making Learning can be sometimes like a puzzle. Gathering pieces of information, organizing them, constructing a framework until getting the bigger picture. Moreover, puzzles and puzzle play has been linked to boosting cognitive skills, especially spatial reasoning. Playing with puzzles from a young age...